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Winning/Placed Print PDI upload

Print Upload Page.

This page is for members who have had an image in a WPS print competition placed as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, HC (Highly commended) or HB (Held Back), to upload their image file as a PDI, so it can be displayed in the Galleries.

Print League

Please do not upload your image more then once unless asked to do so.

If your image has been moved from this page it is being added to the process for the League Gallery. Uploading again causes a duplication which then has to be dealt with.
It may also be being used on the front page image slide show, so have a look there.

Please make sure you name your image e.g C_R1_A_Nick Townley_ September Mist.jpg

Please size the PDI version of your print to fit in between 1400px by 1050px

Below is the upload tool. If you have not used it before please first read the instructions and see the diagrams further down the page.

If you get an error message like “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ……” then your image file is to large.
Logoff and please resize to fit 1400px by 1050px and a maximum size of 2Mb. Then please try again later.

{jsmallfib 769:6,920:6 [USERBOUND] relpath(jsmallfib_top/Print_upload_2017_18)}

You can rename or delete a file after you have uploaded it.

If you have any questions please contact the WPS Web Architect or the Competition Secretary. The phone numbers are also in the Handbook.

Naming files for the print league and other print competitions

Examples of naming the PDI version of print images for upload to galleries    
Print League Made up from  
1st_R4_A_Eric Blake_Nelson Inspects.jpg Position was 1st
  Round was Round 4 = R4
  Class was A = Advanced
  Name was Eric Blake
  Title was Nelson Inspects
C_R4_A_Eric Blake_Nelson Inspects.jpg Position was HC=Highly Commended
  All the rest is the same as the first example  
Mono Print Competition    
3rd_ M_Eric Blake_Nelson Inspects.jpg Position was 3rd
  Round was M = Mono
  Name was Eric Blake
  Title was Nelson Inspects
Other print competitions e.g. Trophies    
Position_Trophy_ Your_Name _Title.jpg E.G. “Greg’s Egg Cup” but do not use the “‘” i.e. the apostrophe or quotes  
3rd_Gregs Egg Cup_Eric Blake_Nelson Inspects.jpg Position was 3rd
  Trophy was Greg’s Egg Cup
  Name was Eric Blake
  Title was Nelson Inspects

Please label the image clearly, doing this reduces work for the people maintaining the WPS site.

C=Highly Commended, HB = Held Back
Print Class= Beginners or Intermediate or Advanced, i.e. B, I, or A

The instructions.  

The default PDI competition naming is shown in the examples. Please use one of the naming methods above.