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Annual Exhibition 2021

About the Exhibition

Since its foundation in 1923, Winchester Photographic Society has held an Annual Exhibition in 87 of those years; the exceptions being the years of global emergencies.

These exhibitions are a highlight of the WPS year and their purpose is to encourage members to make, show and sell physical prints, and to showcase the work of the Society to the wider community in and beyond Winchester.

These exhibitions are normally shown in the City Space within the Winchester Discovery Centre, which offers a professional standard gallery space, operated and staffed by Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Exhibitions usually last one month and we typically hang 200 prints, around one third of those submitted. We are very fortunate to have the use of this facility and would like to record our thanks to the Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Preparing your entries

Members may enter up to a maximum number of 16 mounted prints, with up to four in any one of the defined classes, which reference popular photographic genres.

A trophy will be awarded for the winner in each class, together with a number of certificates of merit.

The purpose of these classes is to encourage members to make work in a variety of styles, rather than to concentrate on one particular specialisation.

The rules for classes are designed to be broad and inclusive, rather than narrow, and to encourage diversity of work. They may be adjusted from year to year if needed.

There is also a dedicated class for members of the WPS Beginners Class.

The classes for 2021 are as follows:

Classes Trophy 
Class ABeginnersCliff Pinn Trophy
Class BSet of ThreeChallenge Trophy
Class CFree SubjectD J Cup
Class DHampshireHampshire Chronicle Bowl
Class EHuman PortraitPyne Medal
Class FNatureKing Alfred Cup
Class GStreet/UrbanRobert Moore Trophy
Class HActionRonald Toms Trophy
Class IMonochromeJubilee Cup
Class JCreativeFlorence Wilcocks Cup
Class KScapesDiscovery Trophy
 Public VoteMurla Trophy

Entry process

Entries must be submitted electronically via the online registration system which is available for one month, typically in February, prior to prints being handed in.

Prints are then sorted into classes, checked for adherence to society and class rules, and judged by a team of three expert judges who are not members of WPS.

After judging, entrants will be notified which of their prints has been accepted and whether they have been awarded any Trophies or Certificates of Merit.

Accepted prints are retained for framing and hanging and the rest returned to their owners.

The Exhibition

The official opening of the Annual Exhibition is marked by a Private View evening, when members and their guests may view the exhibition.

Trophies and Certificates of Merit are also presented.

Subsequently, members assist in stewarding the exhibition during opening hours in order to guide members of the public and explain work to them.

Each visitor receives an exhibition catalogue, has the opportunity to purchase work, and is invited to enter the Public Vote for their favourite print.

The winner of the Public Vote will be awarded a trophy.

Helpers needed

All members of WPS are encouraged to enter work for the exhibition and to assist in the process of organising and staffing it.

Volunteers are required at each stage and are vital to its success, but volunteering also offers an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to learn what distinguishes a successful exhibition print.

Next Steps

Full details of dates, detailed rules, and Terms and Conditions of entry for the 2021 Exhibition will be available on this web site in Autumn 2020.

The exhibition is scheduled to run from 8th May to 13th June 2021, although please be aware that these are provisional dates.

Please contact Geoff Sharman, WPS Print Exhibition Coordinator via [email protected] for further information.