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Location: The Arc

Judge: Ashley Francis CPAGB

About Ashley Francis

A geophysicist and geostatistician by training, Ashley has over 30 years world-wide oil industry experience of exploration, development and production geophysics. He has lectured at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, at the University of Reading and at Imperial College.

Ashley is a member of Fordingbridge Camera Club and its treasurer (as at the date of this post).

Having joined the SCPF panel of judges in December 2018, he was upgraded to an SCPF Level 2 judge in February 2020.

Ashley gained his CPAGB in 2019 and is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society..

Ashley was the judge for our first online competition after lockdown was imposed: PDI League Round 4 on 31 March 2020

Image ©Fordingbridge CC

Last updated 10 August 2022

Location: The Arc

Judge: Paul Mitchell FRPS

About Paul Mitchell

As well as being a respected judge, Paul is much in demand as a speaker at photographic societies all round the country.

According to Paul’s website:

Paul’s interest for photography began at school. He then studied graphic design at art college and soon after began his design career in London working for many well known packaged goods companies and brands.

He has had many exhibitions in London and the South East and articles and images published in many photographic magazines. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and is the current Chair of the Visual Art Distinctions panel and a member of the Landscape Distinctions Panel.

He is a member of the prestigious invitation-only Arena group of “photographers from the south” and a founder member of The Landscape Collective UK (LCUK). Arena is a member of the SCPF.

In the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, he won the the Sunday Times Choice Award in 2013, the Urban Category winner in 2015 and commended in 2017 and 2018. He has also had successes in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year and the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Paul Mitchell FRPS


Paul was the judge for Round 1 of our Print League on 28 September 2021, and was one of the judges for the 2022 Annual Print Exhibition.

Last updated 10 August 2022

Location: The Arc

Judge: Jon Mitchell

About Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell has been a member of Gosport Camera Club for many years and is a highly experienced judge on the SCPF circuit.

He has judged our Club competitions several times before, including 2020-21 PDI Round 2 and the Best-of-the-Best competition on 31 May 2022. We look forward to welcoming him again.

Robin Shaw receives the Print cup from Jon Mitchell 31 May 2022

Last updated 10 August 2022

Location: The Arc

Judge: Maria Leekblade LRPS AFIAP DPAGB

About Maria

Maria Leekblade is a Level 2 SCPF judge.

She developed her photography skills as an adult learner at Brockenhurst College and by being an active member of Lymington and Southampton Camera Clubs. She also found time to be an active member of Winchester Photographic Society for several years.

In 202-21 we welcomed Maria as our judge for PDI Round 1, and she returned in 2021-22 as judge for PDI Round 2.

According to her profile on eventbrite,

Maria has lived in the New Forest for nearly 20 years and her love of photography started with her animals.

Maria is one of the team that runs the Southampton International Exhibition of Photography.

However, Maria’s heart lies at home – her animals are always a firm favourite and the local landscape, people, flora & fauna that share our stunning Forest will always be her first love, and being able to capture them remains the motivation and pleasure for picking up the camera.

Maria congratulated on being awarded DPAGB in 2018
image ©Lymington Camera Club

Last updated 10 August 2022

Location: The Arc

Dr Paul Hendley LRPS CPAGB

About Paul Hendley

Paul is a member of Bracknell Camera Club.

He qualified as a judge on the SCPF circuit at the end of 2018 and is now a Level 2 judge.

His profile on the Bracknell Judges page tells us

I am a retired scientist who spent 60+ years believing I did not have an artistic bone in my body. Having seriously adopted photography at retirement, I have found it allows people like me to create something they (and others) can feel is beautiful. This has been eye-opening and very satisfying and, coming from a science background, it has been illuminating to start to learn the extent to which photographs can play directly on the emotions irrespective of their technical characteristics. An OU course helped me grasp the technical basics and I read extensively and attended many workshops etc. to extend my skills and knowledge culminating in my successful LRPS panel and CPAGB assessments. I am actively trying to expand my photography across genres but my comfort zone still lies in macro work.

I am thoroughly familiar with Lightroom and Photoshop but have a lot more to learn to reach the standard I feel I need to achieve to make the best of my image concepts.

We look forward to welcoming Paul to Winchester.

We don’t have an image of Paul, but his cover photo on Flickr is a little owl (though not this one)

In my younger years, I enjoyed being a US soccer referee for 10 or 12 years and so I am comfortable with making judgements that are not necessarily popular with all! My company was very strong on performance appraisals and so I am practiced with the principles and practice of constructive feedback.

Having received the excellent training from SCPF, I hope I will develop to be a successful club judge despite having seen how difficult the task can be – both in terms of differentiating between great images and being positive about less wonderful ones!

Last updated 10 August 2022

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