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2022-23 Non-League Competitions

2022-23 Non-League Competitions

Winning and Held Back Entries By Round

Pending the availability of this year’s results, the galleries below show results from previous years.

Click on any pane to see the winning and held back images in that class

A=Advanced, B=Beginners, G=Gold, I=Intermediate

See also the Internal Competition Image Archive

Set of Three

Set of Three

[from the Handbook – amended to add details of fourth image]

Members submit three printed images that have a single theme, subject or concept of their own choice. All three images are viewed and assessed by the judge at the same time.

The images can be mounted on separate boards or one large one, but the mounting will not be judged.

A maximum of one of the images may have been entered in a previous society competition.

How to enter

  • Use PhotoEntry to upload your images (not later than the Friday before the competition)
  • For the Set of 3 competition you must upload 3 or preferably 4 images
  • Please add a suffix to each image name to indicate its position
    • -left, -middle, -right OR -L, -M, -R
    • -top, -middle, -bottom / -T, -M, -B if arranged vertically
  • You should also add a fourth image which is a composite of the first three showing how they should be arranged.


  • Make sure your three images are printed, mounted and labelled
  • Bring them along on Competition night or
  • ask a friend to take them in for you

Last updated: 7 December 2022

The George Walsh Memorial Trophy

George Walsh Trophy

This trophy is presented in memory of George Walsh, longstanding member of WPS, who died in May 2017.

During his 60 years of membership he was actively involved in the running of the Society, taking the role of President twice and being appointed Honorary Life President in 1991.

He ran the Society’s annual exhibition for 31 years, and was co-founder of the Audio-Visual Group. 

As a tribute to George’s work as a Hampshire Chronicle photographer, the trophy will be awarded to the winner of a new competition on the theme of documentary/photojournalism.

Documentary photography provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events. It is used to chronicle events or environments that are significant and relevant to history, as well as those that show everyday life.

Photojournalism, closely associated with street photography, employs images that tell a story, usually news-related, in a creative format that is entertaining as well as informative.

Last updated: 11 August 2022

Judge: Caroline Colegate ARPS, APAGB

Caroline Colegate is a longstanding member of Bracknell Camera Club where she was Programme Secretary for 17 years and President from 2008 until 2019.

Caroline is a senior (Level 3) judge on the SCPF circuit and a member of the Judging Advisory Team. She was awarded an SCPF Roll of Honour in 2013. She writes

I am passionate about the quality of images and play an active role in coaching people to achieve both RPS and PAGB distinctions. In 2002 I became a judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and in 2017 I was accepted onto the PAGB list.

I am currently a member of the SCPF Judging Sub Committee and am involved with the vetting and assessing of applications from potential new judges

She was one of the panel of three judges for the 2019 Winchester National Exhibition.

Caroline is a frequent and welcome visitor to Winchester.

250 x 262 Caroline Colegate crop 1
Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB

Last updated 10 August 2022

The Christmas Knockout

This light-hearted competition is part of our Christmas Social evening.

Members may enter up to four PDI images.

The images are projected in pairs in a randomised order, and members vote for their favourite of each pair.

Gradually images are knocked out until just one – the winner – remains.

Images entered in this competition can also be entered into league competitions.

For the display of winning images (when available), the losing quarter-finalists are shown as 5th equal, the losing semifinalists as 3rd equal).

Last updated: 22 December 2022

The Society Competition Evening

This is a light-hearted evening of themed competitions without classes. The entries in each competition must comply with the relevant guidelines described in the first section Advice on Entering. The competitions are:

  • Theme (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
  • Portrait (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
    Awarded for the best portrait of a person, or a number of people, who must be the main feature of the image.
  • The Creative Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
    for an innovative image based on one or more of the author’s photographs. It should be original, creative and avant-garde, originating from the camera and the photographer’s imagination. No limits – only your imagination!
  • Greg’s Egg Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
    for a visually humorous image, with an appropriate title to add to the fun. Technical quality is only a secondary consideration.

Last updated: 11 August 2022

Judge: Louis Rumis MPAGB EFIAP

About Louis

Louis is one of the new generation of SCPF judges announced in December 2018 and who were promoted to Level 2 in February 2020.

Like fellow judge Maria Leekblade, Louis is a member of Lymington Camera Club.

He is a former member of Highcliffe & Infinity Photography Club where he held various committee roles including four years as chairman.

Louis is well known for his nature photography.

He is a member of the Nature Photographers’ Portfolio and has run Wildlife workshops for Lymington CC.

His image “Wildlife Photographer” won the People’s Choice award at the SCPF Exhibition in 2018.

SCPF Exhibition 2018: People’s Choice

From the SCPF Newsletter, February 2018

click image to enlarge

“Wildlife Photographer” © Louis Rumis MPAGB EFIAP

Last updated 10 August 2022

Pictures of the year

There are two competitions in this evening, previously called “Best of the Best”; one for the best print of the year and one for the best PDI of the year.

Each competition brings together in an open forum all the images from each of the four classes which came first or second in the five League rounds.

From these 40 prints and 40 PDIs the judge awards the coveted titles of Print of the Year and PDI of the Year.

Last updated: 11 August 2022

Judge: Jim Pascoe BA ABIPP ARPS

About Jim

©Jim Pascoe

Following a short spell in the Royal Navy, seven years at Standard Life, and five years at Stonehenge Cycles (a passionate cyclist), Jim decided on a career change to follow his love of photography.

In 1998, Jim graduated from Salisbury College – acknowledged as one of the leading photography colleges in the UK – with an HND and a BA(Hons) in Professional Communication(Photography).

Jim is a long-standing member, former chairman and current vice-chairman of Highcliffe & Infinity Photography Club.

With his wife Nicky, also an experienced photographer, he has been running Jim Pascoe Photography since 1998.

He is a frequent and welcome visitor to WPS, and an experienced SCPF Level 3 judge.

Recent visits include judging 2021-22 Print Round 4, and the Competition Night on 19 January 2021 which included the Set of Three and the George Walsh Trophy awards.

He was also our guest speaker on 13 April 2021, when we were meeting online because of the pandemic.


Jim Pascoe Photography

Jim’s LinkedIn profile

Last updated 15 December 2022

Entry instructions short version – for long version see Print Submission Instructions

By the end of the Friday before the competition

  • Decide which image you are going to enter
  • Upload it via PhotoEntry
  • If it’s a Print competition, bring the print along on the evening of the competition

We encourage members to come to the meetings in the Arc.

But if you are self-isolating or otherwise unable to attend in person, you can follow the evening online.

Logon details are published in the weekly email members’ newsletter preceding the meeting, and another email to all members on the day of the meeting.

If you are a member, please login to display the archive of recent newsletters