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2022 Autumn Lectures

For the current season we are continuing to live-stream our meetings for the benefit of members who are still minimising their exposure to infection because they or a close family member are extremely vulnerable. It also helps those who are unable to attend in person for other reasons.

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One Man and His Van

With his unique style Tony Gervis returns to WPS documenting a solo journey in his campervan, through Europe, Iran, Turkmenistan, 4 other Stans, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and many more. Total 22000 miles in 3 months.

About Tony

Tony is a long standing member of Worcestershire Camera Club, and a frequent guest speaker at camera clubs around the country.

He describes himself as “A passionate traveller and photographer who, being able to do both in abundance, lives an idyllic life.”

After visiting the USA almost annually for several years, before the pandemic he had been spending more time in the former republics of the USSR.

He has had and been offered commissions with Dorling Kindersley and The National Geographic as well as running photographic workshops in America.

He gained his FRPS with a panel of images taken inside the now well known “Slot Canyons”.

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About JP Stones and his talk

Great storytelling can help your audience connect emotionally with your images. But understanding how to weave a narrative into your photography can be confusing. How can one photo tell a whole story, with a beginning, middle, and end?

JP has spent the last 5 years photographing the same group of Mexica, or Aztec, dancers. In that time he learned how connected the Mexica are to their mythology. To stories passed down across generations. That’s when he decided that, as these stories were so vital to Mexica culture, they needed to play a bigger role in his portraits.

This is a talk is about what happened next. About how a desire to tell stories visually, ended up changing his entire creative process, and the way people react to his photos. Using examples from his cultural photography work in Mexico, JP Stones explores different ways to improve that emotional connection. Including how myths and character archetypes can be harnessed for better storytelling.

Working with narratives won’t just change the way people engage with your photos, it will fundamentally change the way you create them. Because that narrative can also be used to guide decisions on posing, composition, lighting, and color. Focusing your creative decisions and ensuring you create cohesive work.

JP has presented for professional organisations and camera clubs across the US, Mexico, and the UK. His work has been featured on the cover of multiple publications, including Good Light Magazine. He’s been teaching his Photo Workshops for close to 10 years.

You can watch JP present on his YouTube channel:

or visit

Rediscovering Our Forgotten Heritage

Matt Emmett is a photographer whose goal is to rediscover the forgotten worlds all around us.


There is a thrill in exploring an environment that allows you to step into a previously unknown world and discover something first-hand, taking your time and noting the details as you go. Having a camera with me allows me to prolong that thrill long after the building is gone. It’s an often quoted cliché but there really is a strong sense of palpable history present in abandoned buildings, the items left behind like paperwork in a drawer or plaques or signs in an industrial plant, allow you a glimpse into the past. I consider experiencing these places to be a great privilege.


The buildings I am interested in are uninhabited shells. I am interested purely in capturing the aesthetics, character and history of the building, showing the passage of time and the effects of nature on a structure that is no longer being maintained.

In a change from the programme printed in the Handbook, Andrew kindly stepped in at short notice to replace Steve Hogan who had just tested positive for Covid-19

About Andrew’s talk “What makes a good photograph?”

This is a talk which takes an alternative eclectic view to the accepted styles of club photography.

We look at many other facets and genres of photography and take a look at the pioneers of what made great photographs historically.

Looking briefly at composition and lighting but with an emphasis on subject matter, historic value, artistic qualities,
documentary aspects and examples to stimulate new ideas and experimentation.

Judge and speaker: Andrew Mills MA (Photo) MEd CertEd ARPS

About Andrew Mills

According to Andrew’s website

Andrew is a professional photographer specialising in Advertising, Editorial and Commercial photography.

He has a professional practice covering all aspects of Studio and Location work, advertising, editorial, documentary and commercial projects for a broad range of clients.

Andrew is a qualified lecturer on all aspects of photography, from beginners to degree level.

He has staged exhibitions on a wide range of photographic subjects. He also runs Workshops, Talks, Lectures and Courses for to photographic clubs and societies.

One of the subjects in his talks/workshop portfolio is “Methods for Critique and Evaluation – Judging Club Photography”. His workshop notes include a useful “cheat sheet” on Analysis and Judgement of Amateur Photography

Andrew is a member of the Ordnance Survey Photographic Society

Andrew Mills

We’ve welcomed Andrew as our judge several times. He is a senior (Level 3) judge on the SCPF circuit.

In 2021-22, he was our judge for PDI Round 1. In 2020-21, he judged Print Round 1, and in 2019 he was a judge for the WPS Annual Exhibition

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Andrew Mills Photography website:  Photomills

Last updated 15 December 2022

This lecture was cancelled/postponed because Steve tested for positive on return from a cruise

About Steve Hogan

Dorset-based Steve Hogan is primarily a landscape photography and finds his inspiration in the dramatic landscapes, scenery and wonderful light in his native county.

In an interview on, Steve explains that he is entirely self-taught and says that

I purchased a couple of photography books and read them over and over and I decided not to join camera clubs. I made the decision to just go and practice with my camera.

More information

©Ross McElvey

About Ross McElvey

Based in Belfast, Ross McKelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAP/p FBPE is a barrister and an astonishingly successful amateur photographer.

He has been awarded over 500 Medals (and too many lesser awards to count!) in National & International Exhibitions since 2010. He is the founder, first chairman and now President of Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast which itself has won many awards including, in 2017, the FIAP World Cup for Camera Clubs.

Ross himself has achieved MPAGB and EFIAP/Platinum (EFIAP/p) among many other high awards. His 2019 MFIAP was awarded for a panel of 20 fine art nude prints.

In 2017 he was  named the No.1 exhibitor in the World 2017 for monochrome prints by the Photographic Society of America, in its “Who’s Who” in photography ratings.

Thanks to his success in exhibitions and his photographic distinctions, Ross has become well known in the UK & Ireland Camera Club Circuit as a speaker and a judge.

He runs workshops for studio portraiture (his preferred genre), natural lighting, and photoshop.

His talks include “A Passion for Prints”, “The Distinctions Process” and”Off-camera Flash”.

Ross McElvey


Ross’s website: includes an informative blog, with comments on the judging process, and links to four video tutorials.

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker Drew Gardener suffered a head injury making him unable to attend. He will be rearranged for a later date.

Title: Art, Trauma and Photography

Gavin’s talk examines the relationship between art and photography in depicting trauma. How it’s changed over the years – what have photographers shown, how, why and what does it mean?

Location: The Arc, Jewry Street, Winchester.

Time: Please arrive in good time for the 7:30pm start

Art, Trauma & Photography

Bibliography by Gavin Bowyer

“Lee Miller – A Woman’s War”  Hilary Roberts    Thames & Hudson/Imperial War Museum

“The Lives of Lee Miller “    Anthony Penrose       Thames & Hudson

“Slightly out of Focus”  Robert Capa

“Vietnam”  Larry Burrows

“Magnum – Contact Sheets”    ed Kristen Lubben

“Shaped by War”  Don McCullin

“Requiem – by the Photographers who Died in Vietnam and Indochina” ed Horst Faas & Tim Page

“Death in the Making”   Robert Capa

“Shooting Vietnam – the War by its Military Photographers”  Dan Brookes & Bob Hillerby

“On Photography”  Susan Sontag

“Shadows of War: Roger Fenton’s Photographs of the Crimes 1855”   Sophie Gordon

“Photojournalism – The Terror of War” a review of Nick Ut’s picture Journal of the Royal Photographic Society May/June 2022

“Regarding the Pain of Others”  Susan Sontag

[not read by me – yet – but mentioned in a question by Chris Morris]

About Gavin

When our planned Autumn Lecturer, Drew Gardner, had to pull out at short notice after a fall, former WPS president Gavin Bowyer kindly agreed to fill the gap.

Gavin last spoke to us on Tuesday 3 November 2021. Here’s how that evening was introduced:

Past President’s Evening – From Gunshots to Photo Shoots

It’s a Society tradition each year for the President to introduce him or herself to the members.

It’s a free-format evening, sometimes at the beginning of the society’s year and sometimes near the end. They often talk about their own photographic journey – how they first started, how their photography developed and what influenced them.

Gavin spent the last part of his presidential year (2019-2020) successfully reinventing our programme so that our Tuesday evening lectures and competitions could take place online.

One of the casualties of the programme reshuffle was his own Presidents’ Evening, which should have been on 21 April.

So Gavin’s talk is going to be on Tuesday 3 November and will be the Past President’s Evening.

Gavin Bowyer, 3rd November

Past President’s Evening – From Gunshots to Photo Shoots

I had a long career in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, 17-years of which were spent in the military, mostly with airborne forces and in some exciting places.

Photography was always an interest for me, and recording places – and wounds – became a key part of the work I did to change the way that the military managed ballistic wounds.

Photography became more than a hobby as I headed towards retirement from clinical practice. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel extensively with my camera, developing interests in travel and wildlife photography.

More recently I’ve turned my attention to portrait photography. I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful photographers, and I’m tremendously grateful for the support and inspiration I’ve had from Winchester Photographic Society. I was proud to be its President in 2019-2020, despite the challenges that period threw at us.

3 November – Gavin Bowyer

Images by Gavin that did well in WPS competitions

See Watch Again for Members for a link to the currently available recordings of meetings

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©Drew Gardner

About Drew

Frome-based Drew Gardner specialises in storytelling, with outstanding stills, video and XR (Extended Reality) content which can be implemented across all digital platforms and print, winning multiple awards along the way.

His fine art work has been exhibited worldwide with shows in London, Europe, the USA and China.

He is always looking for innovative ways to tell stories, and has been producing powerful interactive photography, film and virtual reality experiences for global brands for the likes of Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. He has a passion for people and getting the very best from any given situation.


For his long-running Descendants project, Drew has been tracing the descendants of historical figures who have featured in famous portraits (including Nelson, Napoleon, Geronimo, Dickens and the Mona Lisa) and painstakingly recreating those portraits.


Drew is also an elected Councillor on Mendip District Council and writes:

I am a photojournalist working for international publications. I am passionate about people and want to ensure their voices are heard. I have a great interest in the environment and want to help the public and businesses on the journey to become more sustainable.

About Rick

Rick Tomlinson is a marine photographer specialising in yacht racing, yacht advertising and Expedition photography.

Based in Hamble, Rick travels the world on assignments for the top magazines and events. Rick made his name capturing the Southern Ocean at its most treacherous from the decks of various yachts in the Whitbread Round the World Race. Starting in 1985 with freelance pictures onboard Drum, published in Yachting World and Seahorse, he finished his four race Whitbread sailing career with a commission from National Geographic.

He was official photographer for the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2 and 2008-9 races. The GBR Challenge at the America’s Cup in Auckland, Team SCA and numerous other projects.

Between projects Rick travels to regattas around the world, usually chasing yachts from a helicopter or chase boat and always on the lookout for a unique angle. Rick is also involved in marine advertising photography undertaking commissions for many of the worlds leading Production and Superyacht builders.

Yacht racing aside, Rick has extended his skills into workshops, expedition & project photography to such places as the Arctic and Antarctic, Chile, Alaska, Caribbean and Africa, plus special assignments for the RNLI.


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