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WPS Images of the month

The  most ‘liked’ images of the month from the WPS Members’ Facebook group

In the gallery below, click on a thumbnail to open an image. Click on the down arrow below for more information about earlier months’ winner(s).

Terry Shipp’s Walk in the Woods

This month’s most liked image in the WPS Members’ facebook group was Terry Shipp‘s Walk in the Woods

Results as follows:

  • First: posted on 11 Jan – Terry Shipp‘s Walk in the Woods (image got 29 likes; one of three images in a post which got 36 likes)
  • Second: posted on 26 Jan – Tony Cowburn‘s Durston Castle on cover of Dorset Life – 24 likes
  • Third: posted on 24 Jan Peter Orr‘s Misty dawn over Horton Down from Oldbury Castle 23 Likes
  • Fourth: 20 Jan by Linda Gates Flooded bench, Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Salisbury 21 likes

Honourable mention to Tony Smith’s striking Distressed Image, posted on 29 January. Tony had posted this on his personal Facebook page and then shared it in the WPS group.

Overall, the image had received 38 likes at the time of writing. Only 11 likes were from the WPS group and count towards this competition.

This month’s most liked image in the WPS Members’ facebook group was Mike Lane’s Lion takedown in Kenya

Results as follows:

First, Mike Lane‘s Lion takedown in Kenya (posted on 20 December, 30 likes)

Second equal, Peter Orr Mallard drake flyby (posted on 20 December, 25 likes)

Second equal, Peter Orr Frosty Morning, Vale of Pewsey (posted on 11 December 25 likes)

Honourable mentions to:

  • Adrian Binney‘s Grand Tetons (11 December, 20 likes)
  • Peter Orr’s Early morning, Picked Hill (17 December, 20 likes)

After a VAR review (necessary because Tony Cowburn’s Supermoon image only received a single heart, while the post containing it had received 34 likes)

This month’s most liked image in the WPS Members’ facebook group was Tony Cowburn’s Blood Supermoon over Swanage.

Results as follows:

First, Tony Cowburn’s Blood Supermoon over Swanage (posted on 30 November, post received 34 likes)

Second, Peter Orr Winter mists across the Vale of Pewsey from Walker’s Hill (posted on 22 November, 25 likes)

Third equal, Tony Smith Stonehenge – Arrivals for the 2022 Solstice (posted on 22 November, 23 likes)

Third equal, Peter Orr Red Kites squabbling over a carcass on Marlborough downs (posted on 22 November 23 likes)

Honourable mentions to:

  • Adrian Binney‘s view of Bukhara (posted on 5 November, 20 likes)
  • Glyn Paton’s view of Savernake Forest (13 November, 20 likes)
  • Peter Orr’s Palace of the Winds, Jaipur (posted 22 November, 20 likes)
  • Trevor Morecraft’s record of the Innovative President’s evening on 15 November (posted 17 November, 22 likes)

This month’s winner was Trevor Morecraft’s image of a red squirrel with chestnut, taken on the WPS outing to Brownsea Island..

Results as follows:

  • First, Trevor Morecraft: Squirrel with chestnut (posted on 14 October, 25 likes)
  • Second equal, Geoff Sharman‘s Reflections at Hilliers (posted on 21 October, 23 likes)
  • Second equal, Plane transiting the eclipsing sun, by Lilian Hobbs (posted on 26 October, 23 likes)
    The image here is a screen grab from the short movie which Lilian posted, assembled from multiple individual images

Honourable mentions to:

  • Peter Orr’s Pre dawn in the Vale of Pewsey (posted 3 October, 21 likes)
  • John Barton‘s Brighton Band Stand (posted on 28 October, 20 likes)

Not eligible:

Tony Cowburn’s post reporting that his ‘Greenwich foot tunnel entrance building’ image achieved a ‘Commended’ award in this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY), in the ‘Your View’ category. (posted 23 October, 37 likes)


This image has already won the Most Liked monthly competition. Scroll down to see it featured as the winner in April 2020 with the title “Domes at Greenwich

This month’s deserving winner was Tony Large’s image of the first Tuesday evening of the new WPS season.

Tony (and the volunteers who helped him) deserve our thanks for the well-received revamp of the opening night.

Results as follows:

  • First, Tony Large: First meeting of the season (posted on 6 September, 27 likes)
  • Second, Peter Orr’s Misty September Sunrise (posted on 19 September, 23 likes)
  • Third, Peter Orr’s A bird not on two sticks (posted on 12 September, 20 likes)

Honourable mentions to:

  • Geoff Sharman’s Close hauled in the Needles (19 likes)
  • Martin Farrow’s Splattered Pigeon (18 likes)
  • Trevor Morecraft’s Common sandpipers over Titchfield Haven (18 likes)
  • Peter Orr’s Vale of Pewsey early morning mist (18 likes)

Images by Trevor Morecraft’s son-in-law (18 likes) and Danny Cowen’s daughter (20 likes) were considered ineligible for this competition.

A group of high scoring images took the lead early in the month.

Two contrasting images came 1st equal:

  • Geoff Sharman’s Gatekeeper Butterfly (posted on 7 August, 26 likes)
  • Lilian Hobbs’ Tracking the sun with SolarCam (posted on 6 August, 26 likes) – the result of a pinhole camera tracking the path the sun takes over a year

Just behind

  • Peter Orr’s image of a male common blue (posted on 6 August, 24 likes)
  • Peter Orr’s image of common chicory in flower (posted on 4 August, 23 likes) (not shown)

Great to see, now that we can get out and about in groups, that our Facebook group for July has lots of images taken on WPS outings (Winchester, London, Test Valley) as well as the Hat Fair.

Many of the images would have been worthy winners, but in terms of Facebook “likes”, two came out on top:

  • Helen Otton‘s Palm Pit Viper in Rain Forest (posted on 10 July, 32 likes)
  • Trevor Morecraft‘s Emperor Dragonfly (posted on 7 July, 32 likes)

Just behind

  • Peter Orr’s image of Bamburgh Castle (posted on 2 July, 26 likes)

Helen’s Palm Pit Viper won a PAGB Gold Medal in the Nature category at the Midland Salon of International Photography and the Best WPS image in the Nature Class at this year’s Winchester National Exhibition.

Again, lots of lovely members’ images this month, but two were out in front.

The joint winners were

  • Sarah Townley’s Fox and shadow (posted on 22 June, with 26 likes)
  • Peter Orr’s Two Puffins on collision course (29 June, 26 likes)

Honorable mentions to

  • Peter Orr’s ICM sweep (23 likes, 27 May)
  • Geoff Sharman’s Three Toed Sloth (23 likes, 26 May)
  • Chrissi Travell’s Magical Morning (22 likes, posted by Eric Blake on 24 May)
  • Peter Orr’s Territorial Greenfinch (24 likes, 4 May)

But way out in front and this month’s winner was Glyn Paton’s ARPS panel posted on 27 May with 44 likes

Lots of lovely images in our Facebook group in April, including Jill North’s Barton Meadows presentation (25 Likes, 6 April) Roger Clark’s Fanal Forest in Madeira (20 Likes, 8 April), Sarah Townley’s Magpie (10 April, 20 likes) and Corinne Kozok’s Afternoon Delight (19 Likes, 5 April)

But there was a clear winner again this month

33 Likes: Sarah Townley “Christmas Puppy is growing up!”, posted on 21 April.

Lots of lovely images in our Facebook group this month, including Lilian’s shots of the moon and the ISS, an early morning view of the Vale of Pewsey by Peter Orr, and Adrian Binney’s Humming Bird and Heron with Alligator images from Costa Rica.

But two members were clear winners this month

  • 30 Likes: Sarah Townley “From the Kitchen Window”, posted on 9 March.
  • 29 Likes: Sarah Townley’s “White Fritillary” posted on 31 March.
  • 28 Likes: Corinne Kozok’s “The Waiting Game”, also posted on 9 March. This image was awarded an ICS HM Monochrome by the Swedish International Exhibition of Photography.
  • 31 Likes: Ray Hems‘ Kite Flyer image from the RPS DIG print competition, taken in the back streets of Trinidad in Cuba. Posted on 21 February.
  • 21 Likes: Stephen Govan’s composite of 2 photos taken at Rooksbury Mill in Andover, posted on 11 February
  • 49 Likes: Corinne Kozok set the bar very high early in the month with her post on 5th January announcing that her Robin taking a “Breath of Fresh Air” had been published in the Daily Telegraph. It had been placed fourth in the South Downs National Park 2021-22 competition on this year’s theme “Nature Makes Me Happy”. This image is reminiscent of Corinne’s Highly Commended entry “Birdsong caught in the Cold Air” in this year’s PDI Round 3 (Gold class)
  • 26 Likes: equal second
    • on 18 January, almost immediately after Ken Scott’s inspirational talk on Photography with Mindfulness, Anne Ruffell was the first to post a collage of 20 images
    • on 27 January, James West posted “Went to Farlington Marsh for some bird inflight photography. Lots of pintail.”
  • 23 Likes: Fourth was Peter Orr’s “Buzzards Fighting”, posted on 7 January. Peter wrote “Two common buzzards on the Marlborough Downs this morning scrapping over pheasant carrion.
  • 22 Likes: Linda Gates came fifth equal with herself. Two of her lovely still life images of dying flowers in glass bottles received 22 likes: Honesty in an old bottle, posted on 9 January and Old bottles, dead flowers posted on 28 January. [Not shown here, but members can find them in the WPS Facebook group]

A tricky decision this month.
I’m not sure whether the rules for our monthly “most liked” competition have been formalised.

  • 43 likes: Sarah Townley’s Fieldfare, posted on 11 December, is the single most liked image.
    • We are blessed every year with large flocks of fieldfares and redwings feeding on the cotoneasters which I especially planted for them. Berries will be quickly gone. (This is a fieldfare)
  • 33 likes (as at about 7:30pm 31 Dec 2021): in second place, the image of the front cover of the January 2022 issue of Dorset
    • I always enjoy seeing one of my images on a magazine cover in my local corner shop! I took this one at Kimmeridge in early December and it is the cover for the January issue of Dorset magazine.
  • 30 likes: Tony Cowburn’s photo of Kimmeridge posted on 9 December is third.
    • We came to Dorset for the weekend a week ago, and just stayed on! So glad I was here for such a lovely dawn at Kimmeridge this morning.

You can tell from the wave patterns that the image used as the Dorset cover photo is the same image as Tony posted on 9 December, with a different crop.

If you combine the votes for the two versions of the same image and eliminate duplicates, Tony’s picture of Kimmeridge was liked by 45 different members.

First, with 26 likes, on 13 November 2021, was “Backdoor Fox” by Sarah Townley

Sarah wrote “Backdoor fox this evening” – no further comment needed for such a lovely image.

First, with 34 likes, on 22 October 2021, was “First Frost” by Deborah Gordon, which also featured on South Today

Deborah said “First Frost this morning, frozen fingers”……

First, with 32 Likes, was Lilian Hobbs on 21 September Jupiter taken through my 7″ Refractor :

Lilian said:

Managed to catch a quick shot of Jupiter last night , this is 1600 frames from about 5000 video frames, stacked in AutoStakkert, processed in Registax and finished off in Topaz DeNoise taken through my 7″ Refractor

First, with 41 likes, is Tony Cowburn, on 28 August 2021:
Tony says:
Nice surprise this morning to find this image had won this week’s Sunday Times Big Shot travel photo competition, and was published in the Travel section of the paper.
Taken a year ago in when cruise ships were laid up and anchored off Swanage bay. They’ve gone ‘back to work’ now, and we quite miss them!
Jill North posted a fascinating image on 28 August – with 30 likes, entitled ‘Trying something Different’
Jill says:
‘First I looked at similar photos by others to decide what subject and composition might work.
Then I set up the base arrangement and took a photo (several in fact – it was difficult to work out which lens and what lighting to use).
Then Photoshop – layers – lots and lots and lots of them! Oh, and the subject is my first digital camera – less than 1mp.’

July 2021 WPS Facebook Image of the Month is Trevor Morecraft’s image of a Variable Hawk (originally titled Variable Falcon), posted on 16 July, which earned 31 likes.

Trevor said taken at the Hawk Conservancy today….

and I wish I had gone to Peter’s Birds in Flight workshop.

June 2021 WPS Facebook Image of the Month is Sarah Townley’s image of juvenile starlings, posted on 2nd June, which earned 35 likes.

Sarah said Juvenile starling are a dull brown colour so I have done them in black and white to make them more interesting (I think)!

Close behind was In second place was Corinne Kozok’s image of a skylark, posted on 15 June, with 32 likes.

Corinne took this image “on a Nikon D500 with a 500mm f/5.6 lens. This was taken early morning – 6.30 am – when the light was very soft against a clear grey sky. F6.3 at 1/4000 ISO 500. I was sitting on the ground – sunlight behind me, slightly elevated – and the skylark flew past, just above my eye level so I got nice clean shots”.

May 2021 WPS Facebook Image of the Month is Sarah Townley’s “Woodpecker Rising” – a clear winner with 37 likes.

Sarah says, This is a great spotted woodpecker and is a male as it has a red nape. The female does not and the babies have a beautiful red cap on their head.

Roger says: Congratulations on yet another stunning image of birds in your garden. Well done Sarah

April 2021 WPS Facebook Image of the Month is Linda Gate’s fabulous capture of a Water Vole, posted on our Facebook group on 11 April…..

Linda wrote:

‘A Water vole on the bank eating the weed it had just dived for. Resident of my local nature reserve 5 min walk from home. I love the way it has positioned itself in the triangle of twigs.’

Linda’s Water Vole received 28 ‘Likes’ in April and is a clear winner.

The WPS Facebook Image of the Month for March was Angela Cook’s beautiful image from 15th March with a near record-breaking 43 WPS ‘likes’.

Angela wrote: ‘Lovely sunset this evening’.

Angela further explained the shot:

It’s the beach along Titchfield Haven. It was actually taken with my iPhone, hence why it looks somewhat stretched. As the famous photographer Chase Jarvis once said “the best camera is the one that’s with you”… though I wish I had taken my camera and wide lens with me instead.

February’s WPS Facebook Image of the Month is Roger Dixey’s ‘Life in Lockdown’ from February 3rd with 51 ‘Likes’.

Roger wrote:

I know that many of you have seen this before but yesterday Life in Lockdown was awarded the gold medal in the RPS Creative Eye Exhibition. And since I am still in my lockdown bottle, it seemed a good excuse to post it again.

WPS President Trevor Morecraft says

Congratulations on your Gold Medal Roger. It’s a cracking image.

A clear winner of WPS Facebook Image of the month for January.
On 14th January Lilian Hobbs posted her picture of the Orion Nebula. With 44 ‘likes’ we were clearly impressed.

Lilian wrote:

This is the Orion Nebula taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mkiii and the 300mm f4 x2 teleconverter. Took 36 exposures of 30 secs at ISO 1000. It was mounted on top of my telescope. Pretty pleased with the result.

Well done Lilian.

A tricky one for December, with some fantastic images.

Purely by the numbers the most popular is Trevor Morecraft’s picture of Winchester Cathedral in the cold mist of new years eve with 34 ‘Likes’.

Trevor wrote:  “A very Happy New Year to all at WPS. Let’s hope we can all meet up before the end of the season. Stay safe, keep taking pictures. Winchester Cathedral this evening, cold but worth it.

But as a few of the ‘likes’ were added after month end, perhaps the winner should be Sarah Townley’s spectacular Robin image from 19th December with 32 ‘likes.

Sarah wrote: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at WPS and I so look forward to seeing everyone again sometime next year. Keep well until then.

The WPS Facebook with 30 likes was Peter Orr’s stunning landscape from 4th November.

“A dramatic late afternoon hailstorm blows through Wastwater towards Scafell Pike in the Lake District.”

1st place from 6th October with 33 ‘likes’. Geoff Sharman’s fabulous moody beach shot.

Geoff said: ‘Well, it is very nice when the judge likes something you’ve done! From my favourite beach location – Watergate Bay in Cornwall’.

And also this month, an Honourable mention from 20th October with 29 ‘likes’, Steven Cooper ‘s dog shot.

“A photo of my brother’s dog, Freddie, taken in his back field on a sunny day … Photoshop can do remarkable things!”

The WPS Facebook image of the month in September was Tony Cowburn’s superb night sky from 20 September, which received 32 likes.

Radar beam! The Milky Way over The Radar Memorial on a starry starry night at St.Aldhelm’s Head.
Sony A7r3 & 16mm lens
15 images at ISO 6400, f/4, & 25secs
3 ‘dark frames’
Single foreground image: ISO 1600, f/4, 5 minutes
Merged using ‘starry landscape stacker’ and PS

A slightly different month, as we have 2 winners, or a single winner.

Phil George’s lovely windmill images from 3 August received 31 ‘likes’ and was the most popular facebook post of the month.

Phil wrote:   “Finally, after many visits over the last few years, I got the skies I wanted over Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire”.

However as he posted 3 images, lovely as they are, we cannot give Phil the single image accolade.

That goes to ex-President Glyn Paton for his image on 13th August of his newly awarded FIAP Medal with 30 ‘likes’. Well done Glyn, and congratulations on the award.
Glyn wrote: “I was very proud when my FIAP silver medal arrived today, for my entry into the Midlands International Salon. Trumpet blowing over!”

For July 2020 we had a tie for the WPS Facebook Image of the Month.
Bijen Gurung from 17 July ‘”Returning home”. Mustang, Nepal.’
and also
Peter Orr from 21 July – My ‘peregrine/buzzard scrap’ was published in The Times newspaper and digital editions today.
News in pictures: Tuesday July 21, 2020′

Both had 38 ‘Likes’ on the WPS Facebook Members Only Group. Two fabulous images.