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Society Competition Evening

For 2020 and 2021, all sections were PDIs.

In 2022 we revert to the usual format:

  • The Theme and Portrait competitions will be prints
  • The Creative and Greg’s competitions are PDIs

The Entry closing date will be Friday 15th April 2022

The Competition date will be Tuesday 19 April with Caroline Colegate as judge.

This is a light-hearted evening of themed competitions without classes. The entries in each competition must comply with the relevant guidelines described in the first section Advice on Entering. The competitions are:

  • Theme (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
    The Theme is: Wet.
  • Portrait (Prints – maximum 1 per member)
    Awarded for the best portrait of a person. A female/male, or people, must be the predominant feature of the image.
  • The Creative Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
    A competition for innovative images (but not a/v or movies) based on one or more of the author’s photographs. They should be original, creative, avant-garde images that have to originate from a camera. No limits – only your imagination!
  • Greg’s Egg Cup (Projected Digital Image – maximum 1 per member)
    A competition for humorous images. Entrants should aim for visual humour, i.e. a picture that is funny in its own right, and should think of an appropriate title to add to the fun. Technical quality is only a secondary consideration.

Society Competition Evening 2021 Results

Society Competition Evening 2020 Results