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Data Protection and Street Photography (PDF) Office of the Information and Data Protection  
Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF)    
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)    
Royal Photographic Society    
The Royal Photographic Society Downloadable RPS documents Free from Royal Photographic Society. Downloadable documents that you may find useful as a working photographer or hobby photographer.  E.G. The GDPR compliant Model Release Form and The Nature Photographers’ Code of Practice  
New FIAP definitions of Nature and Wildlife Visit , click on the link to THE FIAP BOOK and find the section headed FIAP Definitions.  
A free extreme macro resource

A free extreme macro resource, with comprehensive articles on such things as focus stacking, doing macro on a budget, reverse lens macro, using objectives, different types of macro, what vintage (cheap) lenses work best lighting techniques, etc etc.  
Synchronising the WPS calendar with my iPhone This is a link to Apple support with details on Synchronising Google Calendar events on Apple calendars.